Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peeing on Newspaper Outside

We weren't sure how Winston would take to peeing outside since he had never done it before. He was used to his newspaper, and that's all he knows. During our road trip down to visit family for the holidays we let him outside, but he would not pee. So we put newspaper on the ground to signal to him that he should go potty. And sure enough, he did. But only on the newspaper!

If you're wondering what that little white thing is on his back, it is a small towel. It was so cold outside and the poor thing didn't have any clothes to keep him warm. I improvised and tried to cover him up with something he wouldn't pee on. All the clothes at the stores are much too big for him, so either he'll have to grow into them later while he goes potty on the newspaper this winter or I'll have to make him a cute little custom-made outfit soon that'll keep him warm. He was shivering when he came back into the car.

About his potty training... we lucked out. When he went out for one of his walks a few days later, he just started peeing and pooing outside because there was no where else to go. And voila. He was trained. Jogging helps him. It must jiggle his bowels into action. He abruptly stops in the middle of the sidewalk in the middle of running and goes! Funny pug!

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