Friday, January 8, 2010

The Crooked Winston Walk

Winston takes his very first (actually second) walk! His first walk was in the city, in the cold, so he was too scared to walk. He sniffed everything and we had to carry him most of the way.

On his official second walk, he was a little hesitant to leave the door, not knowing what was out there in the big world out there, but he obediently obliged. Now he's doing fine. Here he is with his papa.

Once Winston was used to walking outside in warmer climate on our little holiday trip down to Florida, he was comfortable taking the lead and walking ahead of us instead of walking around our legs getting into a tangled mess. That's when we noticed he has a funny crooked walk. It's the Winston Walk. See it here:

And he even made a new friend down the block!

Winston LOVES people! He loves everyone.

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