Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winston loves baths!

Our little boy Winston loves his baths. The moment the water goes on in the tub, he sits in the tub waiting for it to fill up. He was so anxious that he peered over the ledge this day. Sometimes he even jumps into the tub before the water is ready because he is so eager!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dressing Up for Halloween

I am so excited to dress Winston up for Halloween this year. Winston's middle name is Yoda, since he looks like Yoda, so since this will be his first Halloween, we decided to dress him up as Yoda!

After doing some research, I found the cutest pug dressed up as yoda! It was found on this blog. This is the cutest picture! And they even Photoshoped a light saber into the picture. How cute!

I ordered this costume online and need to alter it to make it fit, but I'm hoping our Winston looks as cute as this picture. We're taking him to a Pug Halloween Party/Contest on Sunday, so I'll take pictures from the event and post them afterwards! :) What could be more fun than seeing a room full of pugs? Winston will be so excited to see so many dogs in one room.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sleeping Winston

Winston likes to use his toys as a pillow.

Sleeping on the rug with his pillow.

Winston is using the armrest as a pillow. And of course, sleeping next to his toy!

Another toy being used as a pillow.

Taking a nap next to dad.

Winston likes to cuddle. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some Cute Photos of Winston

Winston is hanging out with his little giraffe toy.

He finally decided to sit down and relax.

Winston is relaxing after he ate only the crunchiest part of his lettuce.

Chilling out with papa.

Winston is chilling with dad on the couch.

This used to be Winston's chair before we gave it away because he chewed it all up. Doesn't he look comfy playing with his toy?

Winston is sitting on a dining chair. He had just learned to jump up on chairs and wanted to sit close to us.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Winston Takes a Car Ride

Look at little Winston's face when we took him for a very short car ride to take him to the vet.

Here's a video of him during this car ride. He really does not like car rides! He won't sit down and relax. He always insists on standing up, whether he's in the back seat or even if he's on my lap in the front. This is his nervous stance. You can hear him breathing heavily in the video. Poor little guy! Hopefully he'll get used to car rides soon so that we can actually take him places without him freaking out!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Head Tilt

These are some pictures of Winston on our drive home from the holidays back in January of this year, 2010.

This was Winston's reaction when we whistled. He tilts his head when he hears new sounds that he's never heard before.

Winston's Toys

A couple of pictures that I find so adorable. This one is with Winston and his new toy from his auntie.

And here's him just after our move into a new home. He might be confused, but he has his giraffe toy to keep him company.

Pug Finds a Stick and Carries It On His Walk

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winston Wears His First Raincoat!

What a studly pug.

Here is a picture of him (confused) right before we went out for his first walk in the rain with a raincoat.

Winston Brings a Branch with Leaves Home!

Not only did he bring this big branch home and make many people laugh on the way home, he loves to chew and eat it too!


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