Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is Winston Having a Growth Spurt?

The unfortunate thing about staying up late is that Winston gets hungry again and we need to feed him a little more food since he whines and whines until we give him some food. He's quiet after that, but as parents we're a little concerned that he's becoming mr. piggy. We're hoping that he's just going through a major growth spurt instead. He has GROWN in the past 2 weeks while we were on a road trip to visit our parents for the holidays. Maybe this is akin to the adolescent phase of a growing boy in his pre-teen and teenage years?

Here are pictures from Winston about one month ago. I think he was much smaller then. He has outgrown his little bed and his harness.

Don't you love that little tongue sticking out? So cute!

He knows how to pose for the camera. What a cute little pug model.

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