Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm 6 months old!

So Winston turned 6 months old on March 7th. Some say that at 6 months, they are no longer considered puppies. Once they pass the puppy stage, feedings decrease from 3 to 2, they should be able to hold going to the bathroom for almost the full workday, and they should be able to master a number of easy commands such as "sit, stay, down, and come." So far we have sit and stay.

Well, we celebrated Winston's 6 month birthday by giving him a special meal of fresh green and yellow bell peppers, broccoli stalks, and romaine lettuce stalks. He just loves crunchy veggies! We bought him a new stuffed toy since he likes to chew them up and rip the inside stuff out of them. Check it out, the hunter standing over his killed prey. (you can see the stuffing coming out of its front leg)

The weird thing is that he likes to tear up his bed too and pull out the stuffing. He sometimes eats the stuffing, which I think is causing him to have the runs every now and then. Yuck! Try picking that stuff up from the sidewalks of New York! It's like trying to pick up warm melting ice cream with a plastic bag. :-(

So during his late night walk, Winston must have though he was getting to be a big boy, because instead of his normal squat down to pee, he tried to lift up his leg like the big dogs do. It was funny to watch because he was a bit unsteady and he couldn't hold up his leg the entire time. So the leg came down and he ended up peeing on his leg! Oh well! I wish I had it on video because he looked up at me with those big eyes like he was trying to say, "Now what?" Too funny! After that botched attempt, he has reverted back to the squat and hasn't tried lifting the leg again. Maybe next month!

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