Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tooth Fairy Time!

So Winston's been chewing his bully stick a lot lately (did you know that a bully sticks are actually made from bull penises?) Yuck. Good thing he doesn't know what it is, because he really seems to like them. Here's a picture of him enjoying one. Kinda looks like he's smoking a cigar, doesn't it?

So he's chewing on this thing for a while, totally going to town, enjoying it, even twirling it around, moving it side to side in his mouth. It's pretty amusing. I'll make sure to post a video of it if I can get him to sit still for the camera. He then stops chewing and starts sniffing something near his feet. I look at it, and what else do I find...teeth! His puppy (or milk) teeth fell out! Puppies begin to teethe around 4-6 months, and Winston's been pretty active lately with his chewing. His appetite has gone down slightly, which is normal for puppies when they are teething. Some of his chew toys have had a little blood on them, so I knew that some of his milk teeth were going to fall out soon.

Here's the proud boy with his tooth that we'll put out for the Puppy Tooth Fairy.

So I walk over to his bed to look for a toy, and what do I find laying on the ground next to his bed? Another tooth!! Looks like Winston will get a double gift from the Puppy Tooth Fairy!

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