Friday, October 8, 2010

Dressing Up for Halloween

I am so excited to dress Winston up for Halloween this year. Winston's middle name is Yoda, since he looks like Yoda, so since this will be his first Halloween, we decided to dress him up as Yoda!

After doing some research, I found the cutest pug dressed up as yoda! It was found on this blog. This is the cutest picture! And they even Photoshoped a light saber into the picture. How cute!

I ordered this costume online and need to alter it to make it fit, but I'm hoping our Winston looks as cute as this picture. We're taking him to a Pug Halloween Party/Contest on Sunday, so I'll take pictures from the event and post them afterwards! :) What could be more fun than seeing a room full of pugs? Winston will be so excited to see so many dogs in one room.

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